My favorite session every year is the one I do with my own kiddos in their halloween costumes.  We love halloween and plan for it all year, make the costumes and take portraits in them.  They are always a favorite for me because it’s all just for fun and anything goes!  The pictures really add that extra touch of magic to the holiday and bring the fantasy to life for the little ones.  I highly recommend everyone have halloween portraits taken every year!  🙂  You can find last year’s photos HERE.
This year, we went with a Wizard of Oz theme…Dorothy, Glinda and the cowardly lion.

Happy haunting!

About jenpinkertonphotography

Natural light portrait photographer working on location in Bellevue, Omaha, Lincoln and surrounding areas.
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4 Responses to trick-or-treat!

  1. magical – you amaze me every year. wow. xoxo

  2. Fantastic! I bought all my supplies…ran out of time and ended up buying costumes! You are amazing!

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